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Written by Rayner Rodriguez

Software Engineer, Founder and CEO at, Crypto and Stock Investor

January 16, 2021

Getting traffic to your website is an important goal for every Small Business Owner. A Google My Business account ensures that when someone looks at your company up on Google Search and Google Maps, they find it. That’s why I will cover here one of the most successful ways you can hit the target just in the center. In fact, I will talk about Google My Business and how to set it up.

You may know Google is the leader in internet searches and that can’t be ignored if you’re a business owner. So, placing your business on Google should be a must-have for you and your business, and it will cost you zero (it’s free).

There are several ways of direct traffic to your business online, and each one requires investing time, money, or both. Likewise having a website, build your SEO marketing, invest in advertising, and create your social media accounts, you should consider adding your Google My Business listing to your Business Plan.

I will go into, 

  • Create your Google My Business listing
  • Complete your Business Profile
  • Add some photos to your Business Profile
  • Add posts like offers and updates about your Business and Products
  • Some additional tips

Let’s dig in…

Create your Google My Business listing

This is an easy part for almost everyone, just fill out your Business name, and if your business isn’t listed on Google then you need to add it.

Go to Create my Google My Business page to begin. You will see a page like in the photo below.

Create your Google My Business Profile

Write your business name and follow the instructions on Google. You will ask to add your business if it’s not listed.

Find it or Create it

Once you create your business, then you will ask to choose the category that best describes it, and later you will need to specify your Company address making it simple to appear on Google Maps.

Choose Category

Then if you choose to add a location to your office or store you need to fill out your business address.

Once you are at this point, your Contact Information need to be filled out.

Write your Business Contact information

The last step is to confirm your information and send it to Google. 

Complete your Business Profile

Do yo think you finished your profile already? No, there are simple task to due yet.

After all, Google My Business is similar to a social network in terms of sharing. More information about your business on the internet is the best bet to be highlighted.

Go to your Dashboard and add your hours of operation, your business description, and services or products, publish your logo. The more you can add about your company the better your business will be in your local search ranking and will express a better impression to people looking around you.

Add some photos to your Business Profile

I recommend adding photos to your profile because is a powerful tool to gain confidence about your business, showcase your offerings, and boost your business ranking on Google.

A business with photos has 80% more views than those that don’t show anything. So, you decide if you want to expose your business or hide it.

Go to your Photos link on your Dashboard and click on it. You will see a page like this one below.

Upload photos

In this section, you are able to upload photos and videos from your Team, the Interior and Exterior of your place, the photos uploaded by your Customers, and more. Take a time to upload and organize your photos on your Google My Business profile.

However, uploading photos just once a time doesn’t make you the winner. You need to publish regularly and encourage your customers to do it and share if you want to dominate your market.

The image below is an example of no taking action.

Photos stats

Add posts like offers and updates about your Business and Products

In addition to your photos, posts are an amazing tool for getting attraction to your business profile on Google. Meanwhile, everybody is surrendered to Social Media and focused on posting there, you can do it in both places. 

Have you heard the saying, the more the better? In this case is by far better posting on your Google Profile than just in Social Media networks, because you are posting to Google Search Engine directly, and nothing is more rewarded than doing it on the most used Search Engine.

Under your profile, you can add posts about your current Offers like discounts, gifts, and anything that is in your mind to attract customers. Also, your hours of operations can be updated and posted too, or share a Customer story to your Company Profile.

Some additional tips

Concluding with the set up of your Business Profile, I will give you some tips for keeping your Profile updated and boost your ranking

  • Reply to any review given to your Business
  • Create offers and post them on your Profile
  • Upload photos regularly
  • Reply to Messages to your Business
  • Keep your Hours updated

I hope some of the information given here could help you stand out, and evolve your business. If you need help improving your ranking with Gooogle My Business write us a message to support your business.

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