What do you need to run a business online?

What do you need to run a business online?

This is a common question every business owner has, and it’s a simple question. In fact, the complications appears when you begin to research what you really need to put your business online.

I will show you some steps further, so you can follow them to begin giving your business an online presence. Some of these steps are simple and others maybe you will need professional assistance to accomplish them.

What problem do you solve?

What's your why? What problem do you solve?
Think in your WHY

This is the first step to run your business successfully everywhere and will keep you focus the whole journey of running your business. Also the online presence is attached to this question because your why will give the prospects and customers the satisfaction of use your services or products. When they reach your Website or your Social Media profiles they need to feel that your business can solve their problem, and you must fill that gap showing your solution.

So, think why you created your business. What gap do you fill? What problem do you solve? And let them know about it.

Build your Business Website

Design your Website
Design your Website

A Website is a must have for a business, it’s your storefront on internet and design it well really imply some knowledge about SEO, HTML, CSS, Javascript and more. But it’s hasn’t to be so hard, there are simple solutions that help you have a Website in no time and running.

To build a website you will need two key things:

  • a Domain name, and
  • a Hosting solution.

Your Domain name

A Domain name is very important because is the address to find your business on internet like a physical address is. In other words, the only way that prospects and customers can arrive to your website is through a domain name. So, write down your possible domain names similarly to your business name. For example, for a bakery business which the name is “Rose Bakery”, the domain should be similar like “rosebakery.com” or “therosebakery.com”.

To find and buy your Domain name you can use our tools for it.

The Hosting solution

Hosting is the way to store your Website on a server or a computer so that it can be accessed over the Internet. Then, you can find Hosting solutions to serve your Website.

We have several solutions to help you stand up based on your needs. Go to Business Hosting to buy one that works for you. We recommend use the basic and upgrade later when your business shows a great growing.

The Business Website

Build a Website is easier nowadays because the technology has improved so much these years to facilitate the building process. For that reason, there are many tools and solutions out there to accomplish this and you should use what it’s easier for you and your business online.

However, those tools require some basic knowledge and you will need to learn it if you’re not a top-notch on the matter. Therefore, we offer a Website Building Service to help your business website be up and running very fast. Sometimes you are focus on your business process and build a Website by your own is time consuming.

These advices are worth to keep in mind:

  • Choose one or two plain fonts on a white background.
  • Make your navigation clear and simple, and the same on every page.
  • Only use graphics, audio or video if they enhance your message.
  • Include an opt-in offer so you can collect e-mail addresses.
  • Make it easy to buy — no more than two clicks between potential customer and checkout.
  • Your website is your online storefront, so make it customer-friendly.

Build your Social Media Profiles

Social Media to expand your visibility
Social Media on your business is primordial

People use internet everyday to find information and Social Media represents 42% of the population of the world using it, equal to 3.8 billion active users daily. Consequently, your business should be taking note of this and must be visible on Social Media.

The use of Social Media will give you more traffic and better search engine rankings. In addition, it will generate more customer Engagement and Brand Awareness creating some loyalty to your business and more accessible.

What you should do:

  1. Open at least 2 Social Media business accounts. We recommend Facebook and Instagram to beguin because they are the most widely used. But, you need to do your research based on your business industry.
  2. Create free expert content like articles, videos or any other content that people will find useful on your website and post it to your Social Media profiles.
  3. Include a “Send to Friends” button on your content to spread it organically.

You will get more readers and people engaged with these steps but you need to do it constantly to grow your audience and expand your business. It’s a hard work but well rewarded.

We can help you accelerate your Social Media Management by using our service.

What’s next?

While you’re running your business and making it profitable you will need some tools to help you stand out of the crowd. So, focus on your processes and your customers. Keep it simple always, that will help you grow your business online.

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